about us

a story of passion to create

we are cœur brisé ™

and like every broken heart, we are bold and passionate cœur brisé is a london-based label for artisanal, one-of-a-kind jewellery, merging digital design and contemporary fabrication methods with natural, biological processes.

our designs are the outcome of a detailed digital exploration, aiming to create contemporary, yet timeless pieces of jewellery. our background in architecture allows us to explore unique forms & intricate designs, sophisticated but unlike any ordinary.

each piece is carefully custom made and fabricated in belgium and the uk, using 3d printing and only high-quality, solid cast metals. not plated, not vermeil; so that they last a lifetime.

following a multi-step process, each piece is meticulously fabricated to order; our crystallised models are designed following forms that allow the biological process of
crystallisation to occur naturally on the surface of the metal.

each piece of cœur brisé jewellery embodies a unique journey from digital exploration to a beautiful statement piece.

cœur brisé jewellery is a trademarked name
our crystallised jewellery are registered designs by the intellectual property office uk

the process

  • design

    everything starts with a sketch; we do love digital design tools, but every idea is born in a piece of paper

    our forms are inspired by nature, the soft curves of cycladic architecture, the fluidity of water streams

  • computational modelling

    our geometries are then explored digitaly, using computer-aided design tools & algorithmic modelling tools, merging maths, technology & science

  • fabrication

    this process is a series of steps that include 3d printing our geometries in wax, casting them in solid metals & finally hand-polishing carefully each piece

our story

  • what we do

    the idea of combining crystals with precious metals came after some
    experimentation aiming to create new fabrication methods. we never knew that it would lead us to a series of registered designs of jewellery

  • how it started

    the brand started as a project initially with the ambition to funnel our creative energy into something that would make us feel empowered & enable us to transform our imagination into pieaces of wearable art

  • who we are

    architect, designer & creator

    the face behind the design, digital modeling & every creative process required to create this unique collection of jewellery.

    each item is a piece of our heart